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Bespoke Test Development

Sometimes off-the-shelf assessments simply don't fit your need to measure the attributes, skills or values that you have identified as essential in recruiting new staff. Our experienced team of developers can help you to accurately define the constructs or skills and produce reliable and valid measures by which to assess them. Whether you are looking for simple paper materials to support an interview process, or integration with your e-recruitment package we have the expertise to deliver the candidate assessments you require.

Our work for past clients includes:

  • Design of a scenarios based selection tool for the oil products division of a major international group of energy and petrochemicals companies
  • Design and analysis of a tailored corporate culture questionnaire for a media organisation
  • Design and validation of a biodata questionnaire and scenarios exercise for a UK and European fashion retailer
  • Design of a teleworking self assessment tool for the Valuation Office Agency.  Read more . . .
  • Design and validation of a firefighter screening tool for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.  Read more . . .

How SR&A can help?
Whatever your need, call SR&A now to discuss how we can add value to your current selection practices through the development of new assessment tools.


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