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SR&A Ltd have supported managers and leaders in their development for over 20 years.  Our consultants work with every kind of organisation from SMEs to blue-chip multinationals, local borough councils to major government departments.

We help people to achieve lasting changes in competency, performance and job satisfaction to enable them to maximise their potential for both themselves and their organisation.

We help organisations to identify and develop their talent, increasing engagement, retention and performance.

Our consultants bring high levels of expertise in psychometric and competency assessment together with career-long experience and passion in fostering the learning and development of others.

Much of our work involves the design of bespoke programmes where we work with clients to identify and deliver development activities that align with the organisation's mission, strategy and context. We also offer a series of open workshops in leadership and management that provide powerful interventions for individuals and groups without the costs associated with a full-scale programme.


The concept of leadership has evolved considerably over the last 50 years. From initial theories that leaders are 'born not made', we have progressed to understand that effective leadership skills can be learned and developed. Studies of those identified as 'great leaders' demonstrate that each brought a unique set of personal attributes to bear in their particular leadership style. Current research indicates that the most effective leaders succeed through engaging the people who work with them, and there are many ways of achieving this. Our aim in leadership development is to enable people to maximise their effectiveness as leaders whatever their current role.

We build on contemporary, evidence-based models of the nature of leadership to help participants to identify what good leadership looks like in their own context, and specifically what skills need to be learned and developed to be an effective leader.



We recognise that the development of leadership and management skills requires changes in behaviour, and that making lasting changes in behaviour is a difficult task. We provide both short and longer term support for our clients in achieving this.

esearch has identified two underpinning competencies that are associated with higher performance. These are:

  • Self awareness
  • Ability to learn

Our approach to management development draws on this research to form a fundamental model of work-based learning that is made up of the following stages:

  1. Initial diagnostics. We use a range of measures of personal style and motivation together with 360 degree feedback to identify both strengths and development needs. This package of high fidelity feedback provides a strong base both for the setting of focused personal development plans and the motivation to see them through.
  2. Development planning. We facilitate the production of SMART development plans with a focus on setting targeted, realistic personal development goals that are relevant to current business demands.
  3. Development support. We hold regular reviews with managers (either one-to-one coaching or organised 'support and challenge' groups) to maintain a focus on achievement of the goals set.
  4. Review and evaluation. We set agreed summative review points to consider the extent to which development plans have been achieved and to set goals for the next period.

Through using this process we build an orientation to learning and development that becomes a built-in habit for leaders and managers rather than a 'nice-to-have option.

Case Study
When the Metropolitan Police Service was required by the Morris Inquiry to address the need for development among its senior civilian staff we worked with MPS Human Resources staff to introduce the IMPACT programme based on the above model. For many delegates this was the first major opportunity to focus on their development needs for many years and was evaluated by them as a very positive step forward. Read More . . .

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