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New CMi Website to be launched in June
May 2018

We will be launching a new CMi website in June with an updated report format and with some changes to our underlying model of global career motivation themes.  These changes relate to recent research we have conducted on an online sample of around 1100 respondents.  The same sample has allowed us to include updated norms in the model.  The new website will also provide greater flexibility in use over a range of devices and will incorporate some functionality built specifically with GDPR in mind.  Email us or call Stuart on 0161 877 3277 for details.

Director's Retirement Approaching

April 2018

We would like to inform clients who have used our consulting services in the past that Derek Wilkie will be leaving the company to begin his retirement at the end of May.  Derek has been instrumental in leading our consulting activities for many years and we all wish him well for the future.  We will continue to offer a range of consulting and training services following the end of May and clients wishing to discuss possible assignments with us should contact Stuart Robertson for this purpose.  Derek will be taking an extended break from Business Psychology but may well be tempted back later in the year to work with us on an occasional associate basis.


Preparing for GDPR
April 2018

With the new EU wide GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force on May 25th, we are busy revising our Privacy Policy to take into account the new arrangements.  The changes in law will make a big difference to how companies can contact you via email in the future.  For psychometric companies there are also big implications for the conduct of online assessment and the storage of assessment results.  We will continue to keep customers up to date as the enforcement date approaches, but interested readers should visit the Information Commisioner's website for more information.


Quintax Newsletter Due!
November 2017

SR&A will publish a Quintax Newsletter early in November - this will contain information and offers related to Quintax, and its new User and Interpretation Guides.  There will also be information about our Bureau Service for those wishing to use Quintax without undertaking qualification training. Call us if you would like to try Quintax via our Free Trial offer - complete the questionnaire and receive standard reports free.  Phone on 0161 877 3277 or contact us by email on our mail address for more information. 

Training Dates Published for 2018
October 2017

Training dates for 2018 are now available here on our Course Dates and Prices page and also on our Quintax Support Website.  Email us or call Stuart or Derek on 0161 877 3277 for details. now taking SR&A Training Bookings

September 2017

Training bookings on both our Rapid Quintax Qualification Courses (1 day and 2 day) and our BPS routes (TUA, TUP Quintax, Quintax Additional Instrument) are now coming in via the Quintax Support Website online booking forms for intending delegates.  Click here to get full details of our Quintax qualification and conversion courses and here for our BPS verified courses.  These links also provide up to date information about public training dates.  Remember to ask about 1-to-1 training by arrangement if our public dates don't suit - in most cases these add only marginally to the cost of public course pricing, and delegates receive the full attention of one of our Chartered Psychologists!


New Quintax Manuals Published
September 2017

We are delighted to announce the publication of our newly revised Quintax manuals.  The Quintax User Guide and Quintax Interpretation Guides (Revised 2017 Editions) are provided as part of the materials on our Quintax and BPS TUP courses.  They can be purchased separately for £25 per manual or £45 for the pair (plus p+p).  They include fully updated coverage of the evidence supporting Quintax and all the information needed by the practitioner to make competent use of the instrument day-to-day.  They are on offer FREE to existing users who purchase Quintax units between now and the end of February 2018!  Call us on 0161 877 3277 for details.

Quintax at DOP Conference 2017!
January 2017

Stuart and Derek were both able to attend the recent BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Conference in Liverpool at which we were promoting Quintax via advertising and free trial offers.  Call us if you would like to try Quintax via our conference offer - contact us by phone on 0161 877 3277 or by email on our mail address for more information. 

Training Dates Published for 2017
December 2016

Training dates for 2017 are now available here on our Course Dates and Prices page and also on our Quintax Support Website.  Email us or call Stuart or Derek on 0161 877 3277 for details. open for Training Bookings

March 2016

Training dates are now also available on the Quintax Support Website together with online booking forms for intending delegates.  Click here to get full details of our Quintax qualification and conversion courses and here to get information about our BPS courses.


Quintax Support Website and Blog Opens
February 2016

A new Quintax Support Website has opened at providing information about Quintax to interested readers, intending buyers, and respondents.  It also provides a blog page, together with a series of downloadable resources for Quintax Users - learning logs, feedback process records, feedback interview prompts, and links to support videos are all available with more to come.  Vist the website for sample reports, and register for our Quintax Newsletter.  Authorised users who want access to the additional resources for website users should contact us for more details.  Or why not just taske a look at our blog items, and see (for example) how personality may be tied up with foreign language learning, and even Brexit!!


Quintax 2 Open for Business!
December 2015

With the launch of our December Newsletter, we are all delighted at SR&A with the publication of Quintax 2 to our full customer base. So if you are using the older version of Quintax and want to transfer over to the new system, contact us by phone on 0161 877 3277 or by email on our mail address for more information. Our old website for Quintax will be maintained for the first 6 months of 2016 and then decommissioned by negotiation with customers, on or by June 1st. Click here if you would like to know more about becoming a Quintax user on the new system.

Quintax 2 Launched!
December 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Quintax 2 website. Stuffed full of new reports and facilities the website has been designed for compatibility with recent and new browsers and with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. We are launching the product to our existing users initially with a December Newsletter to publish to our wider customer base shortly featuring the new aspects of the site with a range of sample reports. This will be available on our Newsletter Archive as soon as it is published. Click here for information on how to become a Quintax User on the new website!

Training Dates Published for 2016

December 2015

Training dates for 2016 are now available on our Course Dates and Prices page. Email us or call Stuart or Derek on 0161 877 3277 for details.

Quintax 2 Website Work Completed
November 2015

Work and extensive testing has just been completed on our new Quintax On-line Website and App framework . Revisions include upgraded and additional reports, a new user and respondent interface, and an improved range of platforms from which the system can be used. The design of both the website and report look and feel has been refreshed and content has been expanded to provide more information and flexibility to our users. Amongst other things, new reports include a Quintax Analytics report which is meant for use in high stakes assessment situations. This is particularly appropriate where an examination of the respondent's approach to completing Quintax is needed to qualify the interpretation of their results. A new Team Role model has been designed and built into a new report - this covers both the new model and its link to our previous approach in our old Extended Narrative Report, and new content related to approaches to change has been incorporated into our Innovation report. We have also replaced the Extended Narrative with a comprehensive and new Managerial & Professional Impact Report.

Season's Greetings to All our Clients, Colleagues, and Suppliers!
December 2014

All of us at SR&A would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you will find the New Year exciting and rewarding and we look forward to the chance to meet and work with you again after the holiday period.

from Stuart, Derek, Diana and all of our Associate Team at SR&A.

Quintax Development Project News
December 2014

Work is still progressing on our new Quintax On-line Website and App framework . With a host of new facilities, and with our staff involved with busy consulting and training diaries the system has taken somewhat longer than expected to develop, but we are expecting to launch in early Spring 2015. Revisions include a range of upgraded and additional reports, a new user and respondent interface, and an improved range of platforms from which the system can be used. The design of both the website and report look and feel has been refreshed and content has been expanded to provide more information and flexibility to our users. Amongst other things, new reports include a Quintax Analytics report which is meant for use in high stakes assessment situations. This is particularly appropriate where an examination of the respondent's approach to completing Quintax is needed to qualify the interpretation of their results. A new Team Role model has been built into our extended narrative report, and new content related to approaches to change has been incorporated into our Innovation report. Watch this space for more information as we approach launch date!

Training Dates Published for 2015

December 2014

Training dates for 2015 are now available on our Course Dates and Prices page. Email us or call Stuart or Derek on 0161 877 3277 for details.

SR&A Continue to Provide Diverse Client Services
December 2014

Over the last year we have continued to provide support to many of our key clients in consulting, training and product areas. Both through specific assessment centre interventions, and through the use of training in assessment centres we have helped organisations to make productive use of our support. We continue to provide assessment products for use in consulting, including bespoke materials used with individual clients such as the Independent Police Complaints Commission, along with our Discovery Series of established exercises for use in a range of selection situations. We are also proud to give support to the increasingly large community of clients using Quintax and CMi, as well as those using our 360 degree assessment service. Last but not least we are continuing to provide an excellent BPS Verified set of public training courses to enable delegates to reach nationally recognised standards in psychometric assessment. We look forward to providing continued support to our clients via innovative products, consulting and training services going forward.

SR&A Proud to Support IPCC
January 2014

SR&A have been engaged in an intensive period of work in support of the Independent Police Complaints Commission at a time of expansion in their numbers to meet an increasingly demanding and high profile workload throughout the UK.  We are proud to have been associated with IPCC in support of their selection processes for new staff in recent months.  We look forward to their continued confidence in our longstanding association.

Happy New Year to all our Clients and Colleagues!
January 2014

SR&A would like to wish all our clients and colleagues a Happy and Successful New Year for 2014!  We hope you will be able to share with us in the exciting series of developments that we have planned for the coming year.  

SR&A Training Dates for 2013 Published
September 2012

SR&A have now published training dates for BPS Test User and Quintax Training for 2013.  See our training pages - particularly here - for details.  Prices for 2013 will be reviewed in early January, so if you want to book for next year you can do so at today's 2012 price.  Don't foget that we also run in-company training courses on the back of very competitive quotes.  All you have to do is call us on 0161 877 3277 or email to see what we can offer and our our experienced team will put together a quote for your consideration.  We can also offer 1 to 1 training on a competitive basis for those who need this more flexible attendance mode to meet diary requirements and other specific needs.  With well over 20 years in test training, and thousands of delegates successfully trained, you can be sure we will give our best attention to your needs.


Career Motivation Indicator - Prices Slashed!

September 2012

After conducting a strategic and market review of some of our assessment products we have decided to reduce the price associated with our Career Motivation Indicator.  Having made a succes with CMi in its original target market among senior executives engaged in career change, our evidence suggests that it is seen as equally appropriate and useful across a range of other settings where price considerations are more pressing.  So if you have been discouraged in the past by cost considerations you will be delighted to hear that a CMi assessment and 10 page report can now be obtained for less than £10 including VAT.  If you want to complete CMi you can do so for £9 on the website, and if you are an adviser you can set up an account so as to invite respondents to complete CMi, track their progress, produce reports, order on-line usage units etc.  Call Stuart or Derek on 0161 877 3277 for details.  

North Wales Police Extend Contract
August 2012

We are pleased to announce that our work for NWP will continue into a new round of workshops following renewal of our contract with them. We are delighted that, following a successful first and second series of contributions to NWP Leadership Development Workshops, NWP have decided to extend the contract for another year. We are grateful to the North Wales force for their continued custom and their confidence in our services.

SR&A Trainers get that 'Summer-in-Uni' Feeling Again!
August 2012

Following a successful series of public courses run at our training centre at the Empress, we ventured out once again this summer to run in-house courses for student groups covering Test User: Ability and Test User: Personality based upon Quintax.  We ran a TUA/TUP combined course for Manchester Metropolitan University with a TUP Quintax course for the University of Hertfordshire.  The courses were rated highly by participants and tutors alike and we are now dealing with the portfolio assessment process for the student groups.  As tutors we find engaging with our subjects at both an academic and a practical level very stimulating and have always enjoyed this part of SR&A's recurring work diet.  As they are designed so as not to devastate the student pocket (!), the participants get very good value for money.  If you are looking to source a course for your students in the summer - or any other period - why not contact us to discuss what we can offer?  As with our current crop of students, you will be delighted with the results.  Call the office on 0161 877 3277 for details or a quote. 

SR&A test training restructured after BPS launch new range of test training standards - with resulting price reductions
January 2012

Folowing the BPS launch of new test use qualifications in September 2011 we have restructured our training to take account of the new competency frameworks and to modernise our approach. This has resulted in time savings as well as price reductions. For example, training for Test User; Occupational, Ability (formerly Level A) now runs for 3 days instead of 4 and is priced at £995 + VAT. Test User; Occupational, Personality (formerly Level B) runs for 3 days and is now priced at £1195 + VAT leading to a saving of £300 on the 2011 prices for each course! Further, by booking the two courses together one can save a further £200 on the cost of the personality qualification bringing the total cost of the two course places below £2000. Assistant Test User (formerly Test Administration) has also been modified in content and style and reduced in price along with other of our training courses. See our training pages for more information.

Quintax On-line 2011 Prices Held for 2012
January 2012

Following a successful Christmas promotion on sales of Quintax On-line units (the basis for using the Quintax system on the Internet) we have decided to hold the pricing at £1.15 + VAT per unit for the coming year. We have unfortunately had to make some price changes to the paper materials supporting Quintax usage (booklets, answer sheets, profile charts etc.) but we have been able to keep these changes to a minimal level in most cases well below the rate of inflation. Now may well be the time for you to change over to Quintax On-line - it represents fantastic value for money as an all round tool for talent acquisition and management!

BPS Introduces New Training Standards - SR&A Fully Compliant
September 2011

The BPS launched its new range of test use standards on September 5th 2011 to replace the old awards of Level A and B with newly modelled alternatives. Instead of Level A we have Test User; Occupational, Ability and instead of Level B we have Test User; Occupational, Personality. Test Administration has been replaced with Assistant Test User, and Full Level B has been supplanted by Specialist in Test Use. Delegates already registered as Level A and/or B test users will be 'grandparented' automatically on to the new scheme where they will have a publicly visible competency profile indicating the range of test qualifications they possess - including the list of personality instruments in which they have qualified with the BPS. Test users supporting the new scheme will need to register on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use, where their competency profile will be held and will need to be re-assessed every 6 years to demonstrate comtinuing competence as a test user. Content changes have been introduced with a reduction of calculation and an increase in the conceptual and practical side of testing. Some new topics (e.g. Item Response Theory) have been introduced and others removed. See our training pages for more information.

Discovery Exercise Descriptions Available for Downloading
May 2011

Following the changes we have made to our sales approach with regard to the Discovery Series, our successful series of assessment and development centre exercises, we have now uploaded pdf descriptions to the website for all the exercises. Customers can now review the content of an exercise simply by downloading a pdf Exercise Description from our web pages. Simply click on an exercise and then click on the Exercise Description to see a sample of the content in each case. These will give a strong sense of how each exercise runs, but if there are any further queries, then please call Derek Wilkie or Vicky Edwards on 0161 877 3277 for further information.

Key Clients look for continued SR&A support
May 2011

We are pleased to announce that our work for MoD, involving the provision of assessment centre and other support for the selection of Senior Civil Servants will continue into a new round during the current financial year.  We are equally delighted that, following a successful series of contributions to NWP Leadership Development workshops, North Wales Police have decided to continue the series into a new round.  We are grateful to both organisations for their continued custom and their confidence in our services.

Client recommendation for Quintax and SR&A Online 360
March 2011

We are pleased to quote a testimonial from one of our clients - Amanda Lindsay at 2bhr - in relation to Quintax and our 360 degree assessment system. 

"Having originally been trained by Stuart, we have worked with SR Associates for a number of years. Their customer service is exemplary, always willing to advise and explain how best to use their products. We have had longstanding success using the Quintax profiles when coaching and have found the 360 management appraisal tool to have broad and insightful application. For both personality and ability tests, we are happy to work exclusively with the SR team."

Quintax is a powerful tool for use in coaching, and as a measure of preference it has a lot of value when combined with performance assessment tools such as the SR&A 360 system.

Streamlined Approach to Discovery Sales and Pricing Introduced
January 2011

We are intending to revamp and streamline the approach we have to selling and pricing Discovery, our successful series of Assessment and Development Centre exercises. After considering customer opinions we have decided to offer, for each exercise, an Admin Pack and a Refill Pack. By ordering an Admin Pack, customers will receive enough materials needed to assess a group of up to 12 people. This includes participant briefs, up to 4 assessor briefs, 2 sets of Admin instructions, 2 Role Player briefs (where required by the exercise) and rating/observation sheets to cover the 12 assessments. A Refill Pack will provide customers with all the consumable participant materials, observation and rating sheets needed for a further 12 assessees. Click here for details of the Discovery series, and here for the simplified pricing structure.


Test Training Prices held for a 3rd Great Year!

January 2011

With a VAT rise to contend with, our clients may be pleased to hear that we are holding our training prices at January 2010 levels. This represents a third year of price stability in our psychometric test training services - including both public and in-company courses.

Check out the details for public courses on our course dates/prices page, and look here for the details in relation to in-company training. Remember that you can always call us to discuss or negotiate arrangements and prices for non-standard courses.


Chromis Consulting signs up as a Licensed Quintax Trainer!

October 2010

Our Newsletter readers will be aware that SR&A are seeking to expand the availability of Quintax training more fully across the UK by collaborating with others interested in supporting the instrument and working in a collegiate way to develop it further. We are delighted to announce that we have now agreed to partner with Chromis Consulting in this venture, and that they will look after Quintax training for us in the South West of England. Chromis bring many years of experience in training and in psychometric assessment to this collaboration and we are confident that this relationship will be mutually beneficial and an exciting step both for our two companies and for the future of Quintax and its application in the UK.

Training in Quintax can be obtained from ourselves at SR&A, or from any provider displaying the Quintax Licensed Trainer Logo shown below.

Sign-up to our Newsletter on our home page, so as to see more details of this in our next issue due to be published in November!



SR&A wins North Wales Police Leadership Development contract!

August 2010

We are delighted to announce that SR&A has won a contract with the North Wales Police to support the design and implementation of a leadership development promotion programme for middle managers in the force. The programme is being designed in collaboration with NWP Leadership Development Officers and will be delivered jointly between October 2010 and April 2011. The programme will be based around self reflection and action learning using tools such as our Quintax questionnaire. It will also include a mix of exercises and other inputs to explore a variety of aspects of leadership, including change management, conflict resolution etc. Derek Wilkie (SR&A's Head of Consulting) said "We are very excited by the prospect of working with NWP. It adds to our record of work with other public authorities in the area - such as the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and Greater Manchester Police. In these cases we have brought our psychometric expertise, tools and consulting experience to the support of selection and development processes in a community setting that is enormously important to all of us".


Refresher training for Affirmation of Level A and B competence for former delegates starts successfully!

August 2010

The British Psychological Society recently set up a mechanism to help delegates who completed (or partially completed) Level A and/or B training in the past but who (for one reason or another) never collected their Certificates. This could be caused by delegates filing their original Affirmation of Competence forms instead of sending them to the BPS, or when delegates did not finish e.g. a follow-up exercise and therefore didn't obtain the forms in the first place. Many factors have led to the situation where there are many delegates who deserve to finish Certification but who have missed out. At SR&A we are meeting a variety of delegates and working with them on a one-to-one basis (as each case is different) in order to refresh their competencies and sign them off for BPS Certification. The importance of this is that delegates who possess Level A and B, and who join the BPS Register of Competence in Psychological Testing will be automatically 'grandparented' on to the new test regulation framework which the BPS is to introduce early in 2011. See our recent Newsletter for more details of the new system and how to join it. If you don't obtain the Certificates then you may find that you need to complete full training so as to gain the national recognition for your skills that you already deserve. So if you have done the training, but didn't get the BPS Certificates call us (on 0161 877 3277) or email to discuss how we can help you to achieve this goal!


Great Autumn Price Offer on Level A and B training!
August 2010

With so many organisations facing budgetary restrictions and painful cuts SR&A has decided to make a contribution to supporting our clients' intentions in training by reducing our prices by a full 20% for the remainder of the year.  This means that delegates can now book to complete both Level A and B training courses before the year end for a total of just over £1900 + VAT.  See our training pages for more details!


Quintax Feedback DVD now available!
May 2010

Quintax users and training delegates can now order a copy of our Quintax Feedback DVD.  The DVD covers two feedback sessions.  The first is a short feedback intended for use as a 'spot the deliberate mistakes' exercise.  It illustrates some of the things to avoid in giving Quintax feedback, but these are mixed in with examples of good practice.  We have found it provides a good basis for discussion and rating by delegates, helping them to become alert to the 'do-es and don'ts' of Quintax feedback early in their training.  The second feedback is done under more naturalistic conditions and illustrates a basic feedback with a development discussion included.  The DVD is also useful to Quintax Users who are looking for a 'refresher' on feedback style with the measure, and to delegates converting to Quintax from another personality instrument. The DVD is excerpted on this website at the foot of the Quintax feedback page.   Pricing information and order form can be seen here.  Or call us now on 0161 877 3277 to order a copy!


TJ Hughes becomes a Quintax User!
May 2010

We have been working recently with members of the TJ Hughes HR team so as to provide them with the skills and facilities to use Quintax On-line in their internal development and recruitment processes for managers.  TJ Hughes is a well established and expanding retail chain of 52 stores with many new openings planned in the UK and Ireland.  Having opened for the first time in Liverpool in 1912, it now occupies over 1.8 million square feet of retail space around the country. TJ Hughes continues to go from strength to strength, showcasing attractive and re-worked store layouts and designs, and now boasting a thriving on-line store.  We are delighted that the TJ Hughes team, along with increasing numbers of other organisations looking for a modern, work based UK personality measure, have seen fit to place their confidence in Quintax.


No course price rises for the New Year!
January 2010

We are delighted to announce that we are holding our 2009 course prices for 2010 for yet another great year!  Now providing fantastic value for money, our courses cover all the required content for Level A and B certification.  At 4 days and 3 days respectively, they provide an efficient and cost effective way of reaching the major British Psychological Society standards for testing.  Plus we are still providing a discount of £400 to those people who book Level A and B at the same time.  Given the changes due to come to Level A and B certification mentioned in our other recent news items, it may be beneficial to complete your Level A before the new arrangements come into place.  Call us now on 0161 877 3277 to book on one of our public courses, or click here to view dates and make a booking on-line.


Done Level A but never got the Certificate?  How to get Re-affirmed for BPS Certification!
January 2010

We get regular queries from people who did Level A in the past but for one reason or another never collected their BPS Certificates.  The BPS will not normally issue the Certificate automatically if your affirmation of competence form is over a year old.  Another complication is that the BPS is reshaping the content and organisation of its Level A and B certification arrangements this year, and if you don't collect your certificate before this happens you may not be admitted to the new framework without repeating some or all of your training and/or assessment.  As a result it may be beneficial to sort this matter out now.  Call us on 0161 877 3277 to discuss our Level A Re-Affirmation Process and how we can help you to get your Level A Certificate!



Course Dates for 2010 - book at 2009 Prices!
August 2009

Our course dates for next year have now been agreed and can be seen here.  We will be reviewing our prices for 2010 in the next few months.  These will be published on this website later in the autumn - they will take effect immediately for any bookings for 2010 course places.  Before and until the new prices are published you can book any 2010 course at the 2009 price!  So, if you want to book a course in early 2010 - perhaps to get your Level A and/or B qualification finished before the new BPS certification arrangements come in (see below) - you will have the advantage of buying at 2009 prices.  Book now, to avoid disappointment!


Important Information for Past SR&A Level A and B Delegates
July 2009

The British Psychological Society has indicated that it will be reshaping both the content and the organisation of its Level A and B certification arrangements in the course of 2010.  One of the implications of this is that delegates who already have Level A and/or Level B from previous courses will be able to transfer over to the new system for recognising their competency.  However, this will be automatic for delegates who are members of the Register of Competence in Psychological Testing - up to now a voluntary register.  For those who haven't joined RCPT, or who have allowed their membership to lapse, a process of application and 'grandparenting' will be necessary.  In the new system, delegates' competency profiles will be held upon the new register which will be a public database through which individuals can prove their competency to others.  The implication is clear: if you want to transfer to the new system, make sure you join (or rejoin!) RCPT before the new arrangements come into place.  See our recent Newsletter for more details of the new system and how to join it.   


Newsletter Archive Available

July 2009

We are pleased to announce that our web visitors can now gain immediate access to our past Newsletters (including the most recent July issue) by clicking on the Newsletter Archive link at the foot of our home page.  The Newsletters contain a variety of articles meant for a general readership, together with specific resources that our customers and others might find helpful - for example, norm tables and type distribution statistics for Quintax, sample reports, research studies, learning log resources etc.  If you see anything that interests you, please give us a call on +44 (0)161 877 3277 or email us for more information.


SR&A Level A Training Re-verified by BPS
June 2009

SR&A Level A Assessors Derek Wilkie and Stuart Robertson have recently been re-verified by the British Psychological Society so that they can sign-off affirmation of competence forms (to enable delegates to collect BPS Level A certification) for a further five years.  As a result the materials we use to assess delegates' competence for Level A have been refreshed with some minor changes.  These will be used in and from our public Level A course on the 15th September.  Delegates still to submit outstanding work will be assessed against the materials they received at the start of their training.  


Quintax Leadership Report Launched
March 2009

Quintax users will be pleased to learn that from Monday 30th March an additional report dealing with Leadership Styles will be available on the Quintax Online Website.  Running at 10 pages, the report explains the differences between Transformational, Transactional and Passive leadership and provides scores on these styles with a graphical description for the respondent.  These are broken down and defined further to yield additional scores with interpretations reflecting the degree to which the respondent is likely to manifest different components of the three main styles.  A concluding section provides an opportunity for reflection by the respondent, together with a series of tips on enhancing one's transformational and transactional styles when faced with the requirement to lead.  Click here for a copy of a sample report for a fictional respondent.

SR&A launch Career Motivation Indicator Website
January 2009

SR&A are delighted to announce the launch of a website to host our new measure - the Career Motivation Indicator.  Details of the new instrument are also available here on this website.  Registration and pricing information is given here.  CMi is intended to help people to clarify and think about their own career goals and choices.  Individuals can visit the new website so as to complete CMi and receive a detailed report.  Alternatively, if you are professional engaged in career development work you can set up an account to use it with your own clients.  We believe strongly that CMi will make a very valuable contribution to career planning for individuals and advisers.  Why not call us to discuss matters on +44 (0)161 877 3277 - we can give you further information about CMi (for example click here for a copy of our new CMi leaflet) and we can tell you what the options are for using the new tool.

SR&A to hold 2008 public training prices for 2009
January 2009

SR&A are once again pleased to spread New Year cheer by holding our public course prices for 2009 at their 2008 levels. This is the second year of price stability at SR&A, and together with our £400 discount on the booking of Level A and B places together provides fantastic value for money!  Click here for details of new course dates at our Manchester office.  Don't forget that we also have some very competitive pricing for in-company courses - click here for details!


Career Motivation Indicator Website to be unveiled in new year!
December 2008

Plans are in place for the unveiling of our CMi website early in the new year!  CMi measures 10 key career motives that help to determine the types of career choices that will satisfy us and provide us with meaning and fulfilment at work.  They include things like Work-Life Balance, Security, Power and Influence, Challenge, etc.  The questionnaire also enables scores to be generated on 4 underlying global career themes, such as Achievement Orientation vs Balance, and Self-Starting Opportunity vs Career Security.  The questionnaire can be used by any professional who engages with clients seeking career counselling or advice related to job or career fit, and it is also open to individuals seeking to gain career choice insights independently.  If you are engaged in career or life coaching, or even trying to consider career issues for yourself, the Career Motivation Indicator will help by providing answers and stimulating fresh thinking about career management and direction. Contact SR&A on 0161 877 3277 for more details.

SR&A to Present at 2009 DOP Conference Jan 14-16
December 2008

SR&A staff will be presenting a paper at the forthcoming British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference at Blackpool this year.  The paper 'Of Quintax Types and Traits' will be presented as part of Professor Dave Bartram's symposium on the contrast between trait and type descriptions of personality on the first day of the conference.  We will also be exhibiting, so both Rob Davies and Vicky Edwards will be attending along with Stuart Robertson and Derek Wilkie.  If you are going to the conference and would like to come and meet us  please feel free to drop by at our stand or during the symposium - we'd be glad to see you!

Innovative Development Centre Design by Rob Davies
December 2008

As is typical for our consulting team, we have recently been involved in a series of client assignments involving thedesign of assessment and development centres, together with the production of a wide range of exercises to suit client needs.  One of these exercises has involved Rob Davies in the design of an innovative new design format for development centre work, in which candidates are provided with opportunities to make substantial learning gains e.g. by being able to repeat exercise types (on which they've shown weak performance) with different specific content in order to enhance development of specific management skills.  We hope to extend this model with other clients in the future.  Call Rob Davies on 0161 877 3277 if you are interested in the possibility of using this approach with your management team.

Happy 10th Birthday to Quintax!
March 2008

We are pleased to announce that Quintax, the innovative SR&A trait and type personality questionnaire, has reached its 10th birthday with the advent of 2008.  First sold in paper form in 1998, we added an On-line site in 2003 - one of the earliest on the web!  Throughout this period we have remained committed to continuing research and development so as to ensure that Quintax provides a modern application rich method for assessing personality at work.  Based upon the 'Big 5' model, with rich holistic feedback materials available, Quintax is used today about equally in selection and development situations.  And in leaving behind older Jungian approaches to type, Quintax is able to provide a broader and fresher picture of the individual respondent which is fully evidence based.  With an ever-growing user base of practitioners, and a vigorous approach to the development of further applications of the product, Quintax looks set for many more years of successful use.  So it's 'Happy Birthday, Quintax' and 'Many happy returns' from us all at SR&A!


Initial data collection finishes on fire service selection project
March 2008

Earlier in the year we began work for a local Fire and Rescue Service on the preparation of a new screening tool to be used in selection.  The instrument, which focusses on the measurement of values and key personality attributes is currently in its pilot stages.  When completed it will be used on-line to help sift many thousands of applicants for positions with the fire service.  One of our consulting team has been supervising work on the project, which has involved close liaison with the authority throughout the early piloting.  Now with a major tranche of data ready for analysis we will be making final decisions around question selection for the tool which should be available for use and evaluation at the end of April.  This project gives a good illustration of our work in the area of bespoke measure development - call us on 0161 877 3277 if you are interested in this type of service, and watch this space for further news of how the project develops!

Rob Davies joins SR&A Ltd
January 2008

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Rob Davies as Principal Consultant at SR&A Ltd with effect from January 2nd. Rob is a distinguished Chartered Occupational Psychologist with substantial experience in business psychology gained in senior appointments at Henley Management College and Interactive Skills Ltd. In 2000 Rob led a management buy-out of Interactive Skills and as MD subsequently led the successful re-branding and market re-positioning of the company as Water for Fish Ltd. Following the sale of the company, Rob has decided to return to a primary interest in front-line consulting and business development by joining SR&A as a member of our core team. In this he will be primarily concerned with our portfolio of assessment and development centre work. One of his initial goals will be to help us deal with a newly acquired contract with the MOD, for the delivery of assessment centres for the selection of Senior Civil Servants.


Vicky Edwards joins SR&A Ltd as Assistant Psychologist
January 2008

We are also pleased to announce that Vicky Edwards has joined us an Assistant Psychologist with effect from January 2nd.  Vicky has recently completed her MSc training as a mature student at Liverpool John Moores University.  She will be engaged on a variety of projects for the company including newly acquired work with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.


SR&A to Exhibit at DOP Conference Jan 9-11
January 2008

SR&A will be exhibiting at the British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference at Stratford-upon-Avon this year between January 9th and 11th.  Both Rob Davies and Vicky Edwards will be attending along with Stuart Robertson and Derek Wilkie, so if you are going to the conference and would like to come and meet us  please feel free to drop by at our stand - we'd be glad to see you!


Public Course Prices held for 2008

December 2007

SR&A are pleased to spread the New Year cheer by holding our public course prices for 2008 at their 2007 levels, thus also reducing our contribution to annual price inflation!  Click here for details of new course dates at our Manchester office.  Don't forget that we also have some very competitive pricing for in-company courses - click here for details!

Job opportunity for Business Psychologist at SR&A Limited
October 2007

We are looking for a Senior Business Psychologist to join our core team  so as to make a contribution to a series of major assessment centre projects we are engaged in delivering.  Other work, involving business development and some psychometric training will also be involved.  A Chartered Psychologist (or near to Chartering) is required with a minimum of 5 years post MSc experience.  If interested, please email Stuart Robertson at this email address with details of CV, salary and salary expectations.  Click here for advert copy.

Payment via Credit Card or PayPal
June 2007

With effect from June 1st we have introduced a PayPal facility for payment of invoices by Credit Card (or PayPal account) for test materials (Quintax, Discovery and Portrait) and for individual training places.  We will of course be retaining other payment options by cheque, BACS etc.  Please call us for details on 0161 877 3277 if you are interested in the Credit Card or PayPal payment options.

Career Motivation Indicator - Version 2 Available!
May 2007

We are now piloting version 2 of our new Career Motivation Indicator with clients and others interested in participating in the development of this new measure.  CMI taps into the drivers that motivate us in our choices of jobs and general career goals.  We are offering all those interested in completing CMI a FREE Career Motivation Report.  If you would like to take part, or trial the measure with others then click here to email us with your details.  We will send you a copy of the questionnaire in Word format for you to complete and return.  We have had some excellent and very useful feedback which has helped inform the design of this version, so do feel free to let us know what you think of the measure and report if you decide to participate.

SR&A Mailing List Launched

April 2007

Along with a Newsletter we are also launching a related mailing list.  Enter your email address into the 'Join Our Mailing List!' panel on our home page and you will be automatically subscribed to our Newsletter.  Should you wish to, you will be able to unsubscribe permanently at any point, although we hope we'll have enough interesting things coming up to hold your attention - see below for more detail!

SR&A Launch Newsletter
April 2007

SR&A are launching an email Newsletter with effect from April 2007.  We are intending to have around 5 or 6 main items per Newsletter, and to issue it once every month or two depending on news and time availability.  Apart from items of news, downloads, and useful links, each Newsletter will contain some attractive offers for existing and potential customers.  We will not be bombarding our mailing list, but there will of course be a chance to unsubscribe easily and permanently from the list if you don't want to receive the Newsletter.  We hope you will find some benefits in taking the Newsletter and look forward to any feedback recipients can give via email or via telephone contact to Stuart Robertson 0161 877 3277.

BPS Independent Review of Quintax now published on THIS SITE!
February 2007

The British Psychological Society has now agreed a license arrangement to permit SR&A Limited to publish the BPS Independent Review of Quintax on THIS SITE! Check out the review from here or download it from our Documents and Forms Library.

All prices frozen to February end!
January 2007

SR&A are pleased to announce the freezing of our prices until the end of February 2007.  This is to mark the launch of our new and revised website on January 4th.  Launched initially in the early days of the Internet, it remains one of the most longstanding psychometric websites on the net.  So, if you want to get this year's services and products at last year's prices, ORDER NOW!

New research demonstrates lack of incremental validity for EI measurement.

October 2006

New research to be published by Rachel Herbert and Stephen Woods at the University of Nottingham has thrown light on the relative value of making predictions about a candidate's job performance from measures of personality and measures of emotional intelligence. In their study they used over 100 law firm administrators, supervisors, and specialist consultants and asked them to complete Quintax and a measure of 'Emotional Intelligence'. They found that Quintax predicted job performance ratings for the sample to a statistically significant degree, and when they looked to see if their overall measure of EI could add anything to this, they found that it could not. Their evidence suggests that for predictive purposes EI may simply be 'personality repackaged', or old wine in new bottles. If you have access to a good 'Big 5' personality measure like Quintax your prediction of candidates' job performance is unlikely to be improved by EI measurement. Further information about the study can be obtained from Dr Woods - email at .

FREE Quintax Workshop at 2007 DOP Conference
September 2006

SR&A will be presenting a one day FREE Quintax workshop at the DOP Conference in January 2007. This is aimed at people who have Level A or equivalent as a minimum, who want to gain some understanding of the Quintax model and approach, and some training that counts towards BPS Level B. It can also be attended by people already qualified at Level B who would like to convert to Quintax or gain a Level B+ certificate from the BPS. In the case of Level B qualified delegates, the day will be treated as a basis for becoming a Quintax Authorised User.

If you would like to discuss the workshop aims in terms of your needs, what it leads to in terms of Quintax User status, or how it contributes towards BPS certification, please call either Stuart Robertson or Derek Wilkie on 0161 877 3277.

See the link to the BPS below or click to go straight to the
Conference web page

SR&A at the 2007 DOP Conference
September 2006

SR&A will be exhibiting once again at the DOP Conference in 2007. The conference will be held in Bristol in January - details from the BPS at - see us there!

SR&A Poster Presentation at the January 2006 DOP Conference
December 2005

SR&A have a poster presentation at the forthcoming BPS DOP Conference in Glasgow. 'Images of Competency: Self Report, Assessment Centre, 360 degree, and Personality Perspectives' (Wilkie, Robertson, & Allan 2005) describes some assessment centre work done with a group of civil servants relating together different types of evidence on competency. It also presents some exciting evidence on the criterion-related validity of Quintax, our own personality measure used in the study. Copies of the paper will be available on our stand (see below) and later as a download on this site.


SR&A at the 2006 DOP Exhibition
December 2005

SR&A will have a stand at the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology Conference in Glasgow in January 2006. If you are at the conference, why not pop in and see us. We'll be happy to discuss any aspect of our service and product range and ways in which these can support your work!



Quintax Personality Questionnaire gains British Psychological Society 'Quality Mark'
November 2005

We are proud to announce that Quintax, the innovative personality questionnaire from SR&A, has been registered as a psychological test with the BPS following a stringent review and audit against the technical criteria established by the European Standing Committee on Tests and Testing of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (click here to see a Summary Evaluation of the test). As a consequence we have been issued with a Certificate of Registration (of Quintax) as a Psychological Test and we can now attach the BPS Psychological Testing Centre logo to paper and electronic versions of the test.


Click here for a full copy of the certificate text (granted on 3/11/2005).


New for 2006: BPS Level B Certificate holders gain immediate access to Quintax Personality Questionnaire
November 2005

With the increasing success of the BPS Intermediate Level B Certificate, and the experience we have had of the competence of its holders, we have decided to enable all non-SR&A trained Level B holders to become Authorised Quintax Users by means of purchasing a Registration Pack. The pack contains a Quintax Reference Set, a voucher for 150 Quintax On-line Units, and a FREE optional training day to convert to Quintax. It is optional because some Level B holders will be happy to read the Quintax manual and materials and develop their own understanding of the measure independently, while others may prefer to 'diarise' that process by coming to hear what we as authors have to say about the measure. {Click here} {link to T5b} for details.
Those who have Level B in another measure but would also like to qualify at Intermediate B+ using Quintax, will be required to attend the conversion day and complete the relevant BPS assessments for certification purposes. Level B+ is useful as an indication of broader competence than Level B, and as a stepping stone to the highest level of qualification in this range, namely Full Level B.

New for 2006: Revised arrangements for 'measure specific training' for access to Quintax Personality Questionnaire
November 2005

We now offer a new 2 day measure specific training course to qualify delegates in the use of the Quintax Personality Questionnaire.
Click here for details!

Click here for details of course dates and prices for these 2 new routes to Quintax qualification!



New Level A and B Course Designs for 2006: 7 days to Level A
and B!

November 2005

For 2006 we have redesigned our public courses based upon the approach we have successfully piloted in in-company training. From the new year we will be offering a 4 day course for Level A and a 3 day course for Level B. Both courses include distance learning elements to ensure that delegates complete the requirements for British Psychological Society certification at both Level B and B.

New Quintax Record Forms now available

Self-completion Quintax Record Forms can now be purchased at the same price as Profile Charts - see our Quintax page and price list for details! These allow the user to present the respondent's Quintax scores in a simple form, together with the resulting Quintax Type. They are excellent for use in workshop activities where the Profile Chart may carry more detail than is needed for workshop use. Combined with a Type Descriptor Leaflet, a Record Form can be given as take-away written feedback to the respondent. This combination represents a report option on the Quintax On-Line site.

Over 1500 delegates now qualified via SR&A training

SR&A continues as a leading provider of test training with over 1500 delegates now qualified. During our years of operation, we have run hundreds of Level A and B courses (both public and in-company) and steered large numbers of delegates successfully through training and the acquisition of BPS qualifications.

Quintax On-Line goes from strength to strength

The Quintax On-line option is proving increasingly popular with our clients, both for remote and face-to-face administration. In the latter case, the system removes the requirement for scoring from the administrator which both simplifies and speeds up the job of assessment dramatically.

New integrated Level A and B programme for In-company Clients

In the area of Level A and B training, we have now introduced an integrated course offer for in-company training. This allows delegates to complete Level A and B in a 7 day format, with the content of the two programmes integrated in a stimulating way. For example, the course enables delegates to become directly involved with personality assessment and feedback from the earliest part of the programme.

Quintax for Team Building

As part of our continuing development of support materials for Quintax, we are currently working on a guide to the use of Quintax with teams. The guide will contain plenty of useful information and exercises to help participants get the most out of a team building session based around Quintax.

New Review of Quintax

The BPS has now published an excellent review of Quintax in its updated Level B Review of Tests (Lindley et al, 2001). Reviewers were flattering about the design, construction and applications of the instrument, now just 3 years old. They also gave a strongly positive reaction to our Portrait Software module for the generation of Quintax reports. Users of this module (or any of the others in the Portrait series) gain free access to our other software for use with questionnaires such as 16PF5, HJ17, OPQ32, etc. - provided they are registered/qualified users of the other questionnaires. 'Phone our office for details, and/or a copy of the review.

Learning Style through Quintax

The Quintax product range has been enhanced recently by the addition of a Learning Styles Manual containing Learning Style Leaflets for all the Quintax Types. Each leaflet covers the implications of Type for all parts of the Learning Cycle: viz. the Act, Reflect, Conclude, and Plan steps. These have been warmly welcomed by our users interested in development applications.

Qualify at Level B+ and Full B via SR&A training

As with Intermediate B, SR&A have now been verified for the assessment of delegates wishing to take the Intermediate B+ Certificate using Quintax or 16PF5 as their 2nd instrument. The result is that our delegates can now complete Full B without need to attend other providers' courses.

Quintax Presented at 16PF Users' Group

Quintax received a warm welcome from members of the 16PF Users' Group at its 20th June Meeting in Mayfair. Stuart Robertson and Derek Wilkie presented the measure along with its applications and correlations with 16PF to an enthusiastic reception. This was a follow-up to an article written by Stuart and Derek for the User Group Newsletter (copy available from our office) about using the two measures together: 'Quintax and 16PF - Complementary Measures'.

New Look for Discovery Series

SR&A's Discovery Series of Assessment and Development Centre Exercises has recently had the benefit of a review and facelift. Our psychologists have been through all the exercises to ensure consistency of style and approach, and to give each exercise its own distinctive logo - see the Discovery page on this site in our Products Section.

Increasing Popularity of SR&A's 360 Approach

Increasing numbers of clients are following up the SR&A option for 360 reporting. We offer a completely tailored approach to the construction of questionnaires and the supporting work (if required) in setting up desired behaviour lists and competency frameworks. As all our reports are constructed on a bureau basis with respondents sending or emailing their questionnaires directly to us, we can guarantee confidentiality of treatment which is impossible for many other suppliers of packaged off-the-shelf solutions. Call our office for a sample report and/or questionnaire.

New Options for Quintax Feedback and Workshop Uses

We are currently piloting new devices for providing Quintax feedback either one-to-one or in workshops. These include a 'Quintax Feedback Guidelines' tool to provide prompts and areas to explore in one-to-one feedback, and a 'Quintax Record Form' for use in providing workshop members a form of feedback which does not require the user to employ or complete profile charts. The record form gives direct access to Type Designation from raw scores. Users should call the office if they are interested in trying these out.


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