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Assessment Centres

The assessment centre is a powerful technique for measuring aptitude for a job.  Assessment centres require real-time demonstration of the essential competencies through simulations of the challenges met in the workplace.  Assessment centres are used by organisations of all sizes and across all sectors for a number of good reasons:

  • Research has consistently demonstrated that assessment centres are one of the most reliable and accurate methods for selecting the best people. 
  • Assessment centres provide organisations with an objective method for making important selection and promotion decisions with confidence. 
  • Assessment centres are seen as fair and open by candidates, enhancing the reputation of the organisations that use them.   

These benefits can only be maximised through expert implementation of the assessment centre method.  We apply best practice in the design and conduct of assessment centres to ensure full return on investment for our clients.  Our experienced consultants and facilitators will guide you through all aspects of assessment centre design and delivery including:

  • Design or refinement of your organisation’s competency model
  • Design and facilitation of application and sift processes prior to the assessment centre
  • Selection and/or design of assessment centre exercises (psychometric, interview-based, analysis exercises, group exercises etc.)
  • Training of assessors from within the client organisation in observation, assessment  and feedback skills
  • Preparation of briefing materials for participants
  • Facilitation of the centre with support from in-house assessors
  • Reviewing outcomes, preparing reports and providing face-to-face feedback
  • Evaluating the centre (did it work? what were participants’ reactions?)
  • Following through on development planning in the case of development centre participants

How can SR&A help?
We have been involved in the design and implementation of assessment centres for all levels of employees in a wide range of organisations. Our expertise in competency specification, assessment centre exercise design, and the detailed planning of assessment centres enables us to provide total, tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs.

Case Study 1
We took the lead role in enabling the Ministry of Defence (MOD) successfully to introduce assessment centres for promotion to the Senior Civil Service (SCS). Working alongside in-house talent management professionals and members of the SCS we designed and facilitated a multi-stage application, sift, interview and assessment centre process to identify the most suitable candidates for promotion to these high profile leadership roles. Read More . . .

Case Study 2

Since 2004 we have been working with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) in using assessment centres to improve management promotion decisions. The process has helped the VOA to ensure that critical leadership and management roles are taken up by those most suited to carry them out effectively. Read More . . .

Assessment Centre Exercise Design
Finding the right exercise for an assessment or development centre is not always easy. Assessment centre exercises typically need to be pitched at the right level, to reflect tasks that are critical to effective job performance, to be situated in a relevant industry, and to enable the assessment of a particular set of competencies.

We specialise in the production of bespoke and tailored assessment centre exercises. Our consultants work quickly and efficiently through a process of:

  • agreeing an outline specification of an exercise,
  • creating draft content,
  • producing final materials with participant and assessor briefs, administration instructions and rating sheets
  • exercise trials
  • production of video assessor training material.

To discuss your requirements call Derek Wilkie now on 0161 877 3277.

We also publish the Discovery series of tried and tested assessment centre exercises including: in-tray, group discussion & negotiation, role play and analysis exercises.

Click here for more details of our Discovery series
Click here to find out more about our Assessment Centre Design training


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