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Portrait: How To Buy

Ensuring Professional Use
In order to ensure that the Portrait system is used in an ethical and professional manner, all potential users must demonstrate prior to purchase that they are qualified users of the personality questionnaires for which they are purchasing software. This can be done by providing us with a copy of a user qualification certificate, such as those provided by test trainers at the close of their courses, or by demonstrating that they are already regular users and purchasers of the relevant questionnaire. A copy of a purchase invoice with a name and relevant purchaser code would be sufficient for this purpose.

The Portrait system is provided on a software CD, along with release codes for each of the modules for which you have a user qualification. The CD contains User Manuals in pdf format, along with the relevant software.

The Portrait dongle is a USB key that contains 50 administrations (reports) for the system – these can be ‘spent’ on any or all of the modules you install. The dongle can be refreshed by purchase of a ‘refresh code’ which is entered at run time when the system becomes exhausted, and this generates a further 50 administrations. The dongle can be refreshed 10 times before reprogramming at SR&A becomes necessary.

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