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The Career Motivation Indicator

Career Motivation Indicator

Want to rethink your career direction?

If so, go straight to where you can buy an access code to complete the Career Motivation Indicator questionnaire and receive a full 10 page CMi report. 

CMi is intended to help you make more informed judgements about your career development options.  By providing useful insights into the key drivers behind your career choices, and how they compare with those of other people, it will give you the chance to think more fully about your career goals. More information about what CMi provides is given below, and in our CMi Leaflet.

How do you deal with questions like:

  • 'Where is my career heading?'
  • 'What do I really want from my job?'
  • 'Why am I dissatisfied with work?'
  • 'Why do I long for a change?'

If you are engaged in career or life coaching, or even trying to answer some of the above questions for yourself, the Career Motivation Indicator will help by providing answers and stimulating fresh thinking about your career management and direction.

  • CMi is a rigorously developed measure of career motivation produced by SR&A - its results are both reliable and valid.

  • CMi helps respondents to become more aware of the factors that are most influential in driving their career choices.

  • CMi is based upon our extension of the theories of Edgar Schein and Donald Super.
  • CMi has been renormed and further research has enabled us to clarify its underlying 'global career theme factors' - see below for what CMi measures.
  • Click for a CMi information leaflet.

  • Click for a sample report.
  • If you are an adviser and want to use CMi with your clients, contact us to discuss your options.

What are Career Motivators?

Termed career 'hot buttons' by career counsellor John Lees, author of the McGraw-Hill best-selling 'How to Get a Job You'll Love', and 'Take Control of your Career', Career Motivators provide an assessment of those aspects of one's needs, values and interests that must be satisfied if one is to gain satisfaction from one's choice of career.  See below for a detailed list.

What Benefits does CMi Bring?

  • CMi is on the Internet, making it possible to go straight to the web site where, for a modest cost, you will be able to complete CMi and obtain a 10 page report.  
  • Alternatively, it can be operated by an adviser by setting up a user account for working with clients and tracking their completion of the questionnaire prior to consultancy sessions.
  • CMi is usually completed in less than 15 minutes.  If you are an adviser you could have your clients complete CMi easily either prior to or during a client meeting.
  • A comprehensive 10 page CMi Report helps the respondent to make informed decisions about current and future career choices.
  • The report shows the ranked order of priority of the 10 Career Motivators for the individual respondent, and then compares individual scores against a broad based norm group.
  • CMi also provides normed scores against 4 Global Career Themes that underlie the 10 fundamental motivators.

How Can I Use or Complete CMi?

  • If you are looking for career choice insights for yourself, then you can go to the website now to complete CMi - click here to complete the questionnaire and obtain your 10 page report.  Alternatively, you can contact us using our phone/email details below and we will make arrangements for you to complete CMi and receive your report.  We can also make arrangements for you to gain further feedback and discussion with a qualified career counsellor if you wish.
  • If you are a Career Adviser or any other professional who provides career or development advice for others you can use CMi as part of your service.  Contact us to set up an account! With an account you will be able to invite your clients to do CMi by emailed invitation, track their progress, and download their reports for discussion with them.  
  • We can offer a Bureau Service if required for those who would like to use CMi with their client group but would prefer SR&A to manage the invitation process.
  • Visit the CMi Website for further information on how to use or complete the questionnaire, or contact SR&A to discuss the options at +44 (0)161 877 3277 (or via email ).

What does CMi measure?

  • The 10 Career Motivators are:
o Work-Life Balance
o Security
o Power & Influence
o Status
o Independence
o Working with Others
o Challenge
o Entrepreneurship
o Expertise
o Idealism
  • The  4 Global Career Themes underlying the 10 Career Motivators (recently updated based on fresh research) are:
o Achievement Orientation vs Balance
o Independent Self-Starting vs Career Security
o Community & Values
o Professional Standing

Terms of Use for CMi Website

  • Terms for completion and use of CMi on the CMi Website are available by clicking here.
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