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At SR&A we deliver innovative, bespoke solutions that improve individual and business performance. We draw on our understanding of the aptitudes, preferences, motivators, and competencies that underlie effective performance to provide expert support to organisations in selecting and developing their people.

We understand the need to fully integrate our solutions with the aims, values and culture of the client organisation. To achieve this we work in full partnership with our clients to design, implement and evaluate high-impact, sustainable processes and interventions. Wherever possible, we seek to transfer knowledge and skills in assessment and development to our client HR staff and managers to ensure that long-term change is embedded within the organisation. As a result we contribute directly to the achievement of a successful talent management strategy for our clients.

SR&A consultants have over 27 years of experience in working with organisations to assess and develop talent and so to help employees to achieve their full potential.

The approaches we use include:
Assessment Centres
Enabling accurate and confident selection decisions by providing objective assessment of capabilities against the essential competencies required for high performance.
Leadership and Management Development
Developing leadership and management skills through structured, individualised programmes based on high-fidelity feedback, development planning and supported work-based learning and so contributing to a proactive talent management strategy.
360 Degree Feedback
Enhancing self-awareness and the capacity to learn through structured, in-depth feedback from colleagues and customers. In our experience 360 feedback is an essential first step in identifying and addressing personal development goals that will have an impact on workplace behaviour and performance.
Individual Assessment
Informing critical senior and executive level appointments through in-depth psychometric assessment of aptitudes, styles, values and competency.
Bespoke Measure Development
Assessing candidate knowledge, styles, skills and values-fit with the organisation through bespoke tools and measures.
Development Centres
Identifying and addressing development needs of manager and leaders using objective assessment of competencies, immediate feedback and the opportunity to develop skills in a safe, supported environment.
Personal Development & Coaching
Developing the potential of individuals to the maximum through feedback and focused coaching geared to enhancing performance.
Appraisal and Performance Management Systems
Providing expert consultancy to organisations seeking to modernise their appraisal procedures through designing systems for performance management that provide real opportunities for providing relevant feedback and supporting development.
Survey and Research Consultancy
Collecting data to solve organisational problems and inform organisational choices. Building tools and measures that can be used for specific purposes.

How can SR&A help?
SR&A consultants have been involved in many highly successful consulting assignments. Call us to discuss your requirements.

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