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Quintax Optional Conversion Day


1 day programme FREE with purchase of Quintax Starter Pack.
Prior Training Required: Test User; Personality or equivalent in an instrument other than Quintax.

This course is offered as an optional training element. It is intended for those who are already qualified at Test User; Personality and who wish to become Authorised Quintax Users without undertaking all the assessments of competence required for the award of the BPS Certificate. We at SR&A believe that people qualified and experienced at Test User; Personality level are sufficiently competent to develop their skills in the use of Quintax without the formal need for additional training. We nonetheless advise those considering not attending training, that for many people the 1 day option provides an easier and more ‘fun’ way to learn about Quintax than by working on it alone.


  • To provide an efficient means by which pre-qualified delegates can learn about Quintax and become Authorised Users
  • To provide an opportunity for delegates to generalise their personality feedback skills to the Quintax measure
  • To give delegates a clear grasp of the operation of Quintax On-line, the reports and interpretive resources available to users of the website

Key features

  • The course place is provided FREE with the purchase of a Quintax Starter Pack. This includes a Quintax User Guide, a Quintax Interpretation Guide, an On-line Account Set-up, and 100 Quintax On-line Units (enough to assess up to 5 people depending upon reports),
  • In many cases delegates completing this day can subsequently register competence in Quintax with the BPS by undertaking additional portfolio based assessments of their skills. The fee for this top up is £200 + VAT. Call us for details.
  • This course is also available as an in-company programme - contact us for details.
  • One-to-One coaching is available for flexible individual completion. Call for details.

How to book

  • Public Course - FREE when you register as a Quintax User by purchasing a Quintax Starter Pack priced at £250 + VAT. Click below (on Registration Form) to order your Quintax Starter Pack
  • Dates throughout the year - see 'Course Dates' below
  • Book your place by completing the Booking Form

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