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Discovery Series: Assessment & Development Centre Exercises

Want to see the exercises now?

Click here if you want to go straight to our exercise library - in each case you can click on an exercise for an outline and then download a pdf exercise description.


SR&A staff have been producing bespoke assessment and development centre exercises for many years for clients such as Shell, the Ministry of Defence, the Valuation Office Agency, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, and many more beside in the public and private sector.  The Discovery series is the result of our effort to make use of this experience of exercise design to produce powerful, useful, and generic off-the-shelf exercises. 

While qualified practitioners may purchase Discovery exercises as they see fit, we can also quote for tailoring exercises such as these or for the design of entirely new bespoke exercises.  

The SR&A Discovery series is designed to offer the practitioner
a range of tried and tested exercises which are applicable in a variety
of assessment functions and cover the range from graduate to
executive level. For each exercise in the range a pdf description may be downloaded so that you can see if it may be appropriate to your needs.

Each exercise is also supported by guidance for the assessor, administration instructions, and observer rating or scoring sheets based around the SR&A generic competency model. They can be purchased as they are, or with modifications based on consultancy input to ensure maximal fit with your local setting or competency framework. The range continues to grow as we develop and trial new exercises.

Click on the right hand panel for details of specific exercises, exercise descriptions, and Discovery pricing!

Benefits of the Discovery Series

  • Use for both assessment and development centres
  • Exercises available for all levels in the organisation
  • Varied exercise content and style
  • Tried and tested exercises
  • Based on a generic competency model – readily adaptable to your own
  • Wide range of exercise types
  • Full support materials for administration and scoring
  • A pdf description exists and may be downloaded for each exercise

Ensuring Responsible Use of Discovery Exercises

Discovery Series Exercises may only be purchased by those who have been trained in the management and design of Assessment & Development Centres, or who are experienced in running them. Therefore those wishing to purchase and use Discovery Series exercises first need to complete a Discovery Series Registration Form. For those who are not yet qualified we can offer in-house Assessment & Development Centre Design training. Alternatively, we can work in partnership with you to choose, administer, and score the exercises appropriately, and also to ensure they are interpreted and fed back in an accurate and professional manner for best value.


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