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Discovery Series: Exercise Types & Levels

The Discovery Series exercises are categorised into 4 different types:

Group Exercises:
typically group discussion or negotiation exercises for 4 or more participants; they may be assigned role or non-assigned role exercises

In-tray Exercises:
individual written exercises that require the participant to organise, prioritise and indicate actions to take around a range of issues that might appear in a person’s in-tray

Interview Exercises:
one-to-one interview simulations with a role player and the participant

Analysis/Creativity Exercises:
individual written exercises designed to assess problem-solving and innovation in a variety of realistic scenarios

Each exercise is given one or more ‘suitability symbols’, as shown below, to indicate populations where the exercise may be most fruitfully applied. These should be treated as guidelines rather than prescriptively.

Suitable for Graduates & First Line Managers/Supervisors
Suitable for Middle to Senior Managers
Suitable for Senior Managers, Executives & Directors

Discovery Exercise Library

The Discovery exercises, including their suitability codes as above, their names and types are shown in the table below.  Click on any exercise for more information and then download a pdf exercise description to determine if it is suitable.

Exercise Title


Type of Exercise Time to administer
& complete
Special Projects G M Group Exercise:
Assigned Role
60 mins
Office Moves G M Group Exercise:
Assigned Role
60 mins
Plan & Build G M Group Exercise:
Non-assigned Role
70 mins
SSRB Planning Meeting G M

Group Exercise:
Non-assigned Role

60 mins
Bank Merger M S Group Exercise:
Non-assigned Role
60 mins
Keen Cycles M S Group Exercise:
Non-assigned Role
60 mins
Interstellar Trading G M Assigned Role Group Negotiation Exercise 60 mins
Gastonville College G M Assigned Role Group Negotiation Exercise 60 mins
Home Store Ltd G M Individual In-tray 65 mins
Public Health Agency M S Individual In-tray 65 mins
Pan Globe Trading M S Individual In-tray 65 mins
Purchasing Dept Employee Interview G M One-to-one Role Play Exercise 45 mins
TalkPlace G M One-to-one Role Play Exercise 45 mins
Creative Solutions G M Individual Creativity Assessment 60 mins
Housing Association Review G M Individual Analysis and Presentation Exercise 100 mins

Click on the individual exercises in the table above for more detailed exercise descriptions.

To choose an exercise

  • Determine the level suitable for your candidates
  • Decide the competencies you want to assess and compare these with our Exercise x Competency Matrix to ensure you can select from the right range of exercises
  • Decide whether you want to assess candidates individually or in groups, and whether there are any time constraints over administration or scoring
  • If you still have a number you could select from, download the pdf exercise descriptions and review the content for suitability - and/or call us for a discussion. If you think you might like to use an exercise but with some modifications, call us to discuss your requirements and obtain a costing.
  • Our exercise range is continually expanding. Contact an SR&A consultant for advice about new exercise options for your assessment or development centre.

When you have reviewed the exercises you wish to purchase:

If you have not purchased Discovery Exercises from us before you must complete a form indicating your experience in Assessment Centres before we can provide you with purchasing rights and a Discovery User Code.  You can fill in the form below on-line, or download a version to complete and send to us by post or fax:


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