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USER QUALIFICATIONS (for completion only by first time purchasers)

SR&A systems are only available to competent users of the personality questionnaires to which their order applies. For our purposes a test user qualification in a particular personality measure implies that the purchaser is registered as a bona fide user of the questionnaire with a relevant test publisher or supplier, and/or that he/she has been affirmed as competent in the use of the measure at Level B of the British Psychological Society's test competence framework (Units 3 to 5).

New Portrait customers MUST provide evidence of the qualifications claimed. Click here for details. Please tick the questionnaire(s) for which you have a test user qualification below.

OPQ (includes OPQ32)
16PF (includes 16PF5)
Gordon Measures (GPP-1/SPV/SIV)
Hatfield Jefferies HJ17

If you order a full Portrait system, you will be supplied with a CD and release codes for software for all the selected measures.

YOUR PORTRAIT ORDER (for completion by all purchasers)
You can order a full narrative system and/or supplementary dongles, or refresh codes. Please indicate your main choices below.
Full System: software, manual on CD, 1 dongle charged with 50 administrations (reports).
Price: £720 + 1st class postage + VAT per system
Please tick if you require a full system.
Supplementary Dongles: each dongle is charged with 50 administrations (reports).
Price: £695 + 1st class postage + VAT per unit
Number of dongles required:
Refresh Code Order: to enable 50 new reports for an existing dongle.
Price: £680 + VAT per code (please supply dongle number or contact SR&A for help)
Existing dongle number:
Number of codes required:
Please note that refresh codes are usually faxed or emailed prior to posting.
INVOICING ADDRESS (if different from above)
Purchase Order No. (if used)

Postage & Packing
Please note that 1st class postage will be used unless otherwise requested, so please indicate if the order is urgent or call us to discuss delivery. The cost of postage/delivery will be added to our invoice, plus VAT on the total at the standard rate.

Payment Terms

All software and hardware dongles remain the property of Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd until the relevant invoice has been paid in full.

All prices quoted are in UK Pounds Sterling. VAT is charged at the standard rate on all items (including postage and packing). Please contact us to discuss delivery and invoicing arrangements if you are ordering from outside the UK.

By filling in and sending this online form you are committing your company to purchase of an SR&A PORTRAIT System or related item as described overleaf.


I authorise this purchase

* Required information.


Before you send the form, print a copy of your registration form to keep.

If you would like to print out the form and post it, please
download here
and send it to:

Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd, Empress Buildings,
380 Chester Road, Manchester M16 9EA

Or fax to: 0161-877 4500

(Quintax is a registered trademark of Stuart Robertson & Associates.
OPQ is a registered trademark of SHL Group Plc.)


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