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Individual Assessment

There are many occasions when individual assessment is required as part of a selection or development process. This can be particularly important for key personnel in the organisation. SR&A design, carry out and report on in-depth assessments of ability, style, competency and values that are tailored to particular client needs.

Examples of past assignments involving individualised assessment packages include:

  • Selection of an IT Director for a major UK Bank
  • Selection of a UK Sales Manager for large European printing company
  • Selection of the Chief Executive of a national charity
  • A series of assessments conducted in the context of individual development planning with senior executives in the Financial Services sector – followed up with individual coaching
  • Selection of a Finance Director for a healthcare provider
  • 1 to 1 outplacement assessments for Senior Managers and Directors
  • Group testing of applicants for selection to help desk positions
  • Identification and assessment of key personality traits of financial advisers prior to appointment
  • Selection of the Managing Director of a major food manufacturing and retailing company.

How SR&A can help?
SR&A consultants have access to a very wide range of assessment materials from publishers throughout the UK and beyond. We can choose, administer and feed back the measures that are most appropriate for a particular assessment situation. Full written or verbal reports tailored to client requirements are provided as required to selection panels and others.


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