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BPS Test User; Occupational, Personality

3 day programme now with FREE Quintax Starter Pack
This training programme, also newly modernised, offers a speedy route to the new BPS qualification as a Test User; Occupational, Personality together with full Quintax Authorised User status with SR&A.  The course incorporates some distance learning - it is intended for those who have already completed Test User: Ability training.

The course includes a FREE Quintax Starter Pack for every delegate.  This includes a Quintax User Guide, an On-line Account Set-up, and 100 Quintax On-line Units (enough to assess up to 5 people).

Prior Training Required: Test User; Ability


  • To train delegates in the selection, application, administration and feedback of personality measures
  • To qualify delegates in Test User; Personality competences to enable registration on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use and certification by the British Psychological Society
  • To gain a test publisher registration in a range of personality measures including Quintax and Quintax On-line

Key features of the Course:

  • Comprehensive coverage of Quintax, a major personality questionnaire combining the best of profile measurement based on the ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions, with the facility to ‘type’ respondents and provide powerful feedback for selection and development of staff
  • Quintax Starter Pack described above ensures that delegates can use Quintax On-line immediately after training
  • Full introduction to use of Quintax On-line and general issues raised by on-line assessment
  • Experience in interpretation of other instruments
  • Integrated and continuous assessment through a portfolio and workbook approach
  • High tutor to delegate ratios ensure individual attention
  • Rigorous coverage of the areas of competence that make up the BPS Test User; Occupational, Personality qualification
  • A varied approach to learning and teaching which includes presentations, group discussions, workshop activities and practical sessions in feedback
  • Comprehensive course and distance learning notes to serve as reference material
  • Full test publisher registration in Quintax and potential access to a range of other personality instruments
  • Available as an in-company course with flexible format
  • One-to-One coaching for flexible individual completion.
    Call for details.

How to book

  • Public Course - £1195 + VAT
    (£995 + VAT if booked at same time as 3 day Test User; Ability or Level A programme).
  • Dates throughout the year - see 'Course Dates' below
  • Book your place by completing the Booking Form - click below

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