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At SR&A we run a variety of other training courses in the area of psychometric testing and other assessment skills. Each of the following courses can be run either in-company, or on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis at our premises in Manchester.

• BPS Specialist in Test Use
Training may be provided to enable delegates to progress toward this BPS qualification. The highest practitioner award in occupational testing awarded by the BPS, this qualification is intended for those with a strategic interest in designing and evaluating testing systems for clients.
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• Assessment Centre Design
Typically run in-company this course provides experience in the theory and practice of assessment and development centre design. Delegates are able to examine exercises of different sorts, practise administration procedures, consider the process of assessment centre design, and engage in designing an assessment centre of their own.
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• Competency Analysis
This course is intended to enable delegates to acquire skills in the development of competency frameworks and competency definitions for use in assessment and development centres and elsewhere.
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• Personality Training Conversions
These include conversions to other personality assessment instruments, including the 16PF5, 15FQ+, the Hatfield Jeffries HJ17, the Gordon instruments (Survey of Personal Values, Survey of Interpersonal Values, and Gordon-Personal Profile Inventory), etc.
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• Assessor Training
Assessor training courses are typically offered in the context of our consulting assignments with organisations. They form part of our service in designing assessment and development centres for organisations, production or tailoring of exercises for closed use, and ensuring the proper training of assessors from the client company. They can be completed in-company or on our premises.
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• Appraisal Training
We provide appraisal skills training for appraisers and appraisees.
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