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Personal Development & Coaching

Our Approach
For us workplace coaching is a solution-focused, result-orientated, systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of the coachee’s work performance through increased self-awareness and learning how to learn.

Every coaching assignment is different and we endeavour to identify and agree a plan for the coaching process that best meets the client's stated needs at the outset of the work.

In our coaching we operate according to the following principles:

What we offer:

  • A systematic approach to feedback and learning based on a well-founded model of adult learning
  • Expertise in selection, interpretation and feedback of the full range of instruments for raising self-awareness, including psychometrics, development centres and 360 degree feedback
  • A focus on constructing solutions and identifying learning opportunities (not analyzing problems)
  • A collaborative approach to identifying goals and learning objectives that are helpful and appropriate for the coachee in their current situation
  • An emphasis on identifying goals that will result in personal performance improvements and organizational gain
  • Recognition that only those goals that are identified, planned for and truly owned by the coachee are likely to succeed

What we won’t do:

  • Pretend that we are experts in the coachee’s own domain (we are experts in feedback and personal development)
  • Say what we think is best for the coachee
  • Give unsolicited advice
  • Pass on own knowledge or beliefs
  • Say what other people do in the coachee’s situation
  • Say what we would do in the coachee’s situation

What we will do:

  • Explain feedback from measures so that coachees can draw informed conclusions
  • Listen and question to help clarify coachee’s thinking
  • Probe and explore to ensure that we understand what is being said
  • Assist in setting development plans with clear personal learning objectives
  • Support coachees through review of achievement of goals and agreement of revised or new goals


Work Based learning
A cornerstone of our approach is an emphasis on work-based learning. We believe that the most effective learning can occur in the job itself, but that learning at and from work must be conscious and planned.

Click on the case-study button to see the key stages in a cycle of work-based learning

Work Based Learning

How can SR&A help?
Call us now on 0161 877 3277 to discuss how our coaching can help you or your colleagues to make genuine gains in competency, performance and confidence


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