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Portrait: Personality Report Software

SR&A's Portrait software is designed to enable qualified users of personality questionnaires to produce reports for a number of leading personality measures. Based on over 10 years of software development in the personality assessment area, Portrait is well liked by our users because of the benefits that it brings. Not least of these is the pithy and economic style in which reports are produced, their faithfulness to the personality scales on which they are based, and their editability for other uses. Modules* are available for

  • Quintax® (including Quintax Team Style Calculator)
  • HJ17
  • 16PF5
  • OPQ®/OPQ32®
  • the Gordon Measures, i.e.
o the Survey of Personal Values (SPV)
o the Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV)
o the Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory GPP-I)

Contact us to enquire about report modules for other measures.
Note that Portrait modules are only available to qualified users of the personality questionnaire(s) for which reports are required.

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*Note that Quintax is a registered trademark of Stuart Robertson & Associates. OPQ and OPQ32 are registered trademarks of SHL
Group, Plc.

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