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Portrait: The Benefits

Portrait produces high quality reports

  • Emphasis on clarity, coherence and brevity
  • No jargon and no clichés (well, hardly any!)
  • Acceptable language for all personality attributes
  • Straightforward reading of questionnaire results
  • No over-interpretation or speculative guesswork
  • Faithful to test authors' intentions and concepts
  • Useful in selection and development applications
  • Based on 10 years of software development for personality reports

Portrait report content is organised with the user in mind

  • Thematic structure enhances readability
  • Summary focussed on highlights of profile
  • Main report sections organised to give immediate grasp of detail
  • Team style and candidate reports in selected modules at no extra cost

Portrait software is easy to use

  • Easy to install on desktop and laptop PCs
  • Works with all versions of Windows
  • Easy to use with consistent user-interface across all modules
  • User selectable norm descriptions and output options
  • Fully formatted reports (macro supported formatting in the case of the Gordon system)
  • Report content immediately accessible for editing/printing in your word processor
  • Reports and scores saved automatically

Portrait software is competitively priced

  • Cost effective report generation
  • Variety of pricing approaches
  • Free access to software modules for qualified users
  • Low unit costs per usage

Portrait software is a secure option

  • Portable security key (USB ‘dongle') enables software to operate
  • Install software on many PCs, use on one!
  • No access to software without dongle
  • Dongle may be recharged by telephone

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