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Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd publish a range of psychometric and assessment tools for use by practitioners. These fall under three main headings:


Quintax is a powerful personality questionnaire and BPS Registered Test which is useful for selecting and developing people at work. Also effective in career, outplacement counselling, and coaching settings, Quintax is widely applicable in talent acquisition and management.  Requiring only around 10 minutes completion time, It enables the production of a wide range of informative and useful assessment reports.  Look for relevant information on this website or click to visit the new Quintax Support Website!

Career Motivation Indicator
The Career Motivation Indicator is an on line questionnaire designed to throw light on the career motivators that help to determine an individual's career choices, goals, and ambitions.  Career motivators are aspects of the self-concept - our own views of ourselves - that help to determine the extent to which we gain satisfaction from a job. One's most important motivators indicate those aspects of one's needs that must be met in order to feel satisfied and fully effective in one's work. The CMi website allows individuals to complete the questionnaire and obtain a full report.  Career counsellors, development specialists and other professionals can open an account so as to manage the invitation of clients to complete CMi, track their progress, and generate relevant reports for discussion. CMi provides a valuable basis for career transition and other development oriented discussions. Click here for more information about CMi

The Discovery Series is a range of assessment and development centre exercises used in the selection and development of people. Based on many years of consulting and assessment support to organisations in the UK and Europe, it represents a tried and tested collection of assessment tools. Click here for more information about Discovery

Quintax is a registered trademark of Stuart Robertson & Associates.


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