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Quintax On-line Bureau Service

You do not have to be a qualified psychometrician to use Quintax!

Quintax is a powerful tool for assessing people in selection, development, coaching, career or outplacement counselling, and in general in talent acquisition and management.


SR&A offer a Bureau Service for those who would like to benefit from using Quintax but who are not currently trained as 'Quintax Authorised Users'. 

You can have your respondents (e.g. candidates in a selection event) assessed using Quintax On-line and you can receive the reports it produces.  You will find these are easy to understand and apply, and we will be available to talk you through the implications.  See below for details of how you can use the Bureau Service.

You can see the range of reports available from Quintax by visiting the Resources page of our Quintax Support Website.

How to Use the Quintax Bureau Service

To access the bureau service you should call us to discuss your situation and to see if there are ways in which Quintax might be helpful. We do not require users of the bureau service to have any special training, but we would like you to agree to our professional terms (call us for details) prior to setting up an account in your name.  The service offered comprises the following steps:

  • As our potential Bureau Client, you can call us without obligation to describe the assessment need and we will decide together on whether a Quintax assessment would be useful, and if so, what reports would be helpful.  If terms are agreed, we will set up an account in your name and operate it on your behalf.  You will be able to inherit this account if you subsequently become qualified in Quintax yourself.
  • On the ' go ahead', you will need to provide us with email addresses of the respondent(s) to be assessed remotely using Quintax.  A further possibility is for your respondent(s) to visit our offices and to be assessed by our consultants at SR&A.   They can even be assessed at your venue of choice although in both of these latter cases we would need to add a time based charge for our involvement.
  • SR&A will issue an email invitation with a link to the Quintax
    On-line site and a unique Access Code for each respondent
  • The respondent(s) will complete Quintax On-line as and where previously agreed.
  • We will monitor questionnaire completion as required from our office and generate reports
  • We will send you the reports in PDF format and then contact you to discuss them.  We can provide feedback as required both to yourself and to the respondent - additional time-based fees apply in this case.

Bureau Service Minimum Pricing

The typical price per respondent or candidate varies from as little as £75 + VAT depending upon the number of reports to be generated and the extent of our involvement in feedback to the candidate and/or client company.

To discuss whether this service might be suitable and useful for you, please call us on 0161 877 3277, or email us for a discussion.

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