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What help for feedback is available with Quintax?

A variety of feedback reports are available via Quintax On-line. We are generating additional feedback reports for users on a continuing basis via the on-line site.  These can all be seen on the Resources page of our Quintax Support Website.  They include the following:

  • Quintax Profile Chart
  • Quintax Type Report
  • Managerial & Professional Impact Report
  • Innovation and Change Report
  • Team Role Report
  • Learning Style Report
  • Leadership Style Report
  • Quintax Analytics Report

The Quintax Analytics report provides a forensic analysis of how the respondent has completed Quintax in terms of issues such as consistency, response timings, response changes, infrequency, etc.  Over 20 different indicators of response style are covered and applied to a 'traffic light' model of interpretations risk.  This report is intended for qualified users, and can be employed in high stakes selection/development settings, or more routinely, as a support in remote assessment.

Other resources, such as on-line video support for dealing with "Feedback with Quintax" is also available.  This is intended for use in learning the process of feedback, but it can also be used as a refresher to Quintax Users who want to remind themselves about the process after a period of inactivity on the assessment front.  See for more information.


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