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Quintax Key Features


• Quintax now has its own support website at - visit for full up-to-date information!

Quintax is a powerful BPS Registered questionnaire tool for use in selection, personal development, outplacement and career counselling, workshops and training in areas such as team building, team roles, time management, learning and development, problem solving and creative style.

• Short administration time (less than 10 minutes) with straightforward, work-related items enabling use with employees at a wide range of levels from administrative to senior managerial and director level.

• On-line administration, scoring, and reporting all under the control of the account holder to increase flexibility for remote as well as
in-house assessment.  Also available via a Bureau Service.

• Designed to provide full support for users including: on-line administration and scoring, a variety of output reports, development workshop materials, interpretive guides and other support materials, readily interpretable and acceptable feedback for candidate and assessor, video support material, and a wide range of norm groups.

• Reports available on-line include Profile Chart, Type Report, Learning Style Report, Managerial and Professional Impact Report, Innovation and Change Report, Leadership Styles Report, Team Role Report, and Quintax Analytics - a forensic analysis of response completion by the respondent.

• Bureau Service available for those wishing to use Quintax with our support and without the need for training.


• Training routes are available for a variety of customers.  A 2 day qualifying course for non-psychometricians, together with British Psychological Society recognised courses leading to eligibility for the award of BPS Test User Personality certification.  A Starter Pack and full recognition (including exemption from mandatory training) for those who have prior TUP or Level B training, or who are otherwise pre-qualified.

Technically robust - based on the ‘Big Five', a modern empirical model of personality, Quintax focusses on personality styles and preferences that give important information about behaviour at work. It offers an innovative combined trait and type approach to assessment with different forms of feedback available in each case.  Quintax types are constructed from the 'Big Five' and do not depend upon Jungian or neo-Jungian psychodynamics.

• Designed, trialled and standardised in partnership
with UK organisations
using best practice in psychometric development.


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