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Tell me about the Quintax materials

Quintax is available on line, with a range of useful reports and Resources for use by Bureau users and Quintax Authorised Users (qualified by training). These can all be seen on our Quintax Support Website on the Resources and other pages.  Key resources are described briefly below:  

Quintax User Guide
This essential reference is a technical manual covering the development of the questionnaire, its norms, reliability and validity.  It also has some 'applications' sections directly aimed at the practitioner covering feedback, using Quintax in selection, management development, etc.

Quintax Interpretation Guide

This resource includes details of each of the five main factors for use in feedback, together with samples of the Quintax Type descriptions for use in direct discussion with respondents.  Extended interpretations of the Quintax factors and Types are provided with plenty of guidance for the new user on how to apply this information, for example by use of 'keynote interpretations' in verbal feedback.

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