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Quintax 2


Quintax 2 saw the public light of day on December 1st 2015, having been launched somewhat earlier to existing customers.  A new Quintax Support Website is available which includes lots of information about using the new website and assessment service. 

Key Features of Quintax On-line

  • Quintax On-line is a powerful tool to help organisations in the selection and development of staff with the personal attributes needed for success in role
  • Provides holistic assessment for those individuals seeking personal development and growth, either working in organisations or during career transition and coaching
  • It's easy, flexible, accurate, fast, automated, safe, and available 24/7!
  • Highly accessible via On-line interface
  • Allows remote administration of Quintax with no need to send staff to administer and score a paper questionnaire - saves on travel, accommodation, and staff time and gives confidence of complete accuracy in scoring.  Also provides an 'Analytics' report which gives a forensic analysis of how the respondent has completed Quintax - very useful in remote assessment.
  • Alternatively, Quintax can be administered on line but in your own office, increasing flexibility and again saving you time in administration and scoring
  • Respondents often finish Quintax in less than 10 minutes - again increasing efficiency
  • Gives immediate access to respondents’ scores and reports on completion of the questionnaire
  • Available to all qualified users of the Quintax questionnaire and to Bureau Users
  • Has a straightforward website for Quintax Users to invite and organise respondents, monitor their progress and access their profiles and reports
  • Respondents visit a different website which takes them through completion of the questionnaire
  • Email invitations are sent out automatically to respondents – based upon a user editable template
  • A unique access code is generated for each respondent
  • Privacy of QOL accounts is protected by password access – user editable
  • Raw data responses (no reports) are stored securely on our server according to our privacy policy.
  • Suitable in selection, development, coaching, career counselling etc.
  • Samples of all Quintax reports are available on the Resources page of our Support Website.  Click for details.

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