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Quintax/Quintax On-line Pricing from Jan 1st 2019

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Quintax Paper Materials & Software Price List
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Pack Size


Quintax Starter Pack

Quintax User Guide

+ On-line Account Set-up

+ 100 Quintax On-line Units

(enough to assess up to 5 people depending on reports)

1 £250 + VAT as a separate item or FREE with Quintax training*

Quintax User Guide and Quintax Interpretation Guide


£30 per manual or £55 for the two plus p+p

Quintax On-line Units

For QOL accounts opened on or after January 2016.  Also available directly from Quintax On-line User website.

100 £125.00 + VAT

Questionnaire Booklets

Available to existing users of Quintax paper materials only

10 £125.00

Answer Sheets

Available to existing users of Quintax paper materials only

1 £96.00 + VAT

Profile Charts

Available to existing users of Quintax paper materials only

1 £65.00 + VAT

* This offer applies to all the mandatory training routes for Quintax including 2 day Qualifying Course, 3 day BPS Test User: Personality Course, and 1 day BPS Test User: Personality Course (i.e. 'Additional Instrument' training).  As the training is optional for other 1 day Quintax Conversion delegates, the Starter Pack is a required purchase for this route.

Quintax On-line Pricing

Quintax On-line services are priced in 'units' where 1 unit = £1.25 + VAT.   Units may be used to purchase on-line services at the following rates:



Administration (charged on inviting a respondent to complete the questionnaire) 15
Type Report* 5
Learning Styles Report* 5
Profile Chart* 5
Managerial & Professional Impact Report* 15
Team Role Report* 5
Innovation Report* 10
Leadership Styles Report** 10
Quintax Analytics Report* 5

* The charge for these reports is made when the reports are first produced after the respondent has completed Quintax On-line. The reports can be accessed and printed again free of additional charges.

If you are considering becoming a Quintax User (either as a novice or as an experienced personality assessor) then visit our Quintax Support Website for information on training options suited to your needs.  (Training is not mandatory for previously qualified Personality Assessors.)

If you would like us to use Quintax in an assignment on your behalf, please see the details of our service, on our Quintax Bureau Service page

And if you have any other queries regarding costs or other matters then please call or email us - click here for our contact details.

The prices above are effective from January 1st 2019


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