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Overview of Quintax Psychometrics

Quintax is now described in full at our support website at - click here to visit. 

Quintax provides a profile of the respondent against five major personality factors – the ‘Big Five’. It also provides a taxonomy or classification system for describing personality differences between people in terms of Quintax ‘Types’. Hence its name which derives from ‘Quin..' for five and ‘' for taxonomy. It is designed for use in the workplace in both selection and development applications where a short administration personality questionnaire is required. Having the ‘Big Five' as a basis, it provides a broad picture of individual behaviour based on the acknowledged major dimensions of personality. Utilising narrative reports for both profile and type approaches, it provides the practitioner with an application rich instrument that can be used in individual assessment, management development workshops, and training with equal value. And with managerial, student based, and general occupational norms differentiated by age and gender it comes equipped with all the required comparison groups for individual norming.

What are the Scales in Quintax?
The five factors in Quintax cover three basic DOMAINS of an individual's behaviour as follows:

Behaviour Domain


Scale Poles
with Others
Extraversion Introvert vs Extravert
Criticality Personable vs Logical
Thinking Styles Organisation Adaptable vs Structured
Intellectual Focus Grounded vs Theoretical
Emotions Emotional Involvement Calm vs Volatile

All five dimensions reflect important features of behaviour preferences at work. In addition, a sixth scale measures socially desirable responding. The factor scores from Quintax also give rise to inferred scores on dimensions related to Team Role, Creative Style (Approach to Innovation and Change), Learning Style, Leadership Style, and dimensions of Managerial and Professional Impact. 

What are the Quintax Types and Temperaments?
Quintax types are defined by the strength of preference for the individual poles of the five factors described above. For example the EPSG-C type is Extraverted, Personable, Structured, Grounded and Calm. Such people tend to be warm and sociable, accommodating in style with a potential to work well in team settings. They tend to be keen to structure and plan their time with a view to efficient use of their energies, and generally adopt a pragmatic problem solving style. In addition they tend to be relaxed and patient in their approach to people and situations. The Quintax Interpretation Guides gives extended descriptions of the types, which can be used in a range of feedback situations. The Types also cluster into broader groupings or Quintax ‘Temperaments’ with separate interpretations that can be applied to each.




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