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Step-by-step Use of Quintax On-line

For full details of our assessment process see our Quintax Support Website. If you are a qualified Quintax User you can open a Quintax On-line account which allows you to do all of the following things:

  • Email a respondent with an invitation to complete Quintax On-line
  • Provide respondents with a guide to the questionnaire with their invitation
  • Receive assessment results at your Quintax On-line User Account
  • Generate profiles using a range of norm groups
  • Alternatively, the system can be set-up to enable respondents to 'self-register' so as to receive their access code and complete the questionnaire
  • Produce reports of the respondent’s interpreted scores in pdf format.  Samples can be obtained at our support website - these comprise:
o a full Profile Chart of the Quintax factor scores, together with (optional) Team Role scores
o a Type Report containing respondent scores, strengths of
preference, and a description of the strengths and development areas for their Quintax Type
o a Learning Style report containing details of the implications of the respondent’s Type for their learning
o a report on Innovation and Change looking at the implications of the respondent’s profile for their creative style, response to change, and their problem solving approach at work
o a Managerial and Professional Impact Report a summary and detailed report covering a range of psychological perspectives on the respondent's profile
  o a Leadership Styles report which covers the respondent's transactional, transormational, and passive leadership styles together with their components
  o a Team Role report covering aspects of the respondent's team behaviour with SR&A Team Role scores, along with an analysis of how this relates to other traditional models of team behaviour
  o A Quintax Analytics report that provides a forensic analysis of the way in which the respondent completed the questionnaire - for use in high stakes assessment situations, or as a support in remote assessment.
  • Monitor and maintain your account in order to:
o order units on-line
o edit the invitation emails
o create and delete respondents
o create group folders to organise respondents
o produce reports on a once only charge basis – reports can be recreated without additional charges, even with norm changes
o save and print reports
  • Alternatively, as a Bureau User you can (subject to agreeing to professional terms for use of our output reports) have an account opened in your name and operated by ourselves to provide you with an assessment service and reports.  You can inherit this account if you subsequently become registered as a fully aqualified Quintax User.
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