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Survey & Research Consultancy

With a strong background in research methodology and analysis, SR&A consultants can analyse and report on custom designed surveys and research projects.

Work that we have carried out in the past includes:

  • Evaluation of the selection procedure for the call centres of a UK bank. This evaluation included local validation of the various stages of the procedure and examination of their fairness to various applicant groups
  • Design and analysis of a tailored corporate culture questionnaire for a media organisation
  • Evaluation and analysis of ability tests from an international airline to examine issues of fairness and bias in respect of minority group applicants
  • Calculating local norm tables for ability tests
  • Design and validation of a biodata questionnaire and scenarios exercise for a UK and European fashion retailer
  • In-house psychometric research to establish and validate the Quintax Personality Questionnaire – click here for details

How SR&A can help?

If you have a particular project or question that might benefit from our rigorous problem-solving approach to design, methodology and analysis, an SR&A consultant will be pleased to discuss your requirements.


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