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Why choose SR&A Test User training?

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Why Choose Us?

Below are some of the reasons we get selected as Test User Training providers by our clients.

  • We offer Test User Training both in Manchester (public) and throughout the UK (in-Company). Our training has been a market leader for more than a decade. Over 2000 delegates have successfully completed our courses and gone on to use their skills to the benefit of their organisations. 
  • Our courses comply with the British Psychological Society standards for test use:
  • Our courses provide access to theRegister of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) giving test users the opportunity to publish their qualifications in the public domain.
  • Our key tutors have many years of experience in supporting delegates throughout each stage of the Test User learning process, guaranteeing a high success rate and an enjoyable and rewarding delegate experience
  • Our 2 day Test User, Ability training course utilises tests from a variety of publishers, giving delegates a chance to see a variety of materials presented independently.
  • Our 2 day Test User, Personality training course is based upon our highly regarded Quintax Personality Questionnaire.  Quintax is a modern and well reviewed talent management tool based on the 'Big Five'. It has excellent support materials for use in selection, development, and coaching of people at work, including excellent written feedback for both assessors and respondents.  It often takes little more than 10 minutes to complete, and it provides a fantastic platform for interview, discussion and exploration of work issues with respondents.  See here for more details of the instrument.  Also see our Quintax training page for shorter routes to becoming a Quintax user that are available for people who do not require BPS certification.
  • Our training is led by Chartered Psychologists and fully recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Our Test User training courses are recognised by other leading test publishers for registration and purchase of a wide range of ability and other personality assessment tools
  • We are BPS Verified Assessors for Assistant Test User, Test User; Occupational, Ability and Test User; Occupational, Personality certification and training  As a result, our delegates attain nationally recognised qualifications in test use
  • One of our tutors has had long standing experience as a BPS Verifier - assessing other Test User courses nationally - and can provide clear and accurate guidance on the BPS competency and regulatory frameworks
  • We run our public courses in a highly accessible venue in Manchester, close to Old Trafford, with in-house programmes throughout the UK
  • We provide an independent perspective on tests and measures from many publishers of psychometric testing products
  • Our courses are structured in a flexible format, with distance learning incorporated in Test User training
  • Training can be completed speedily with 2 days of practically oriented training for each of Test User; Ability and Test User; Persoanlity qualifications making 4 days in all.  Distance learning and assessment materials are provided for knowledge based areas, and post-course tutorial support by email and other means is provided if needed.
  • As well as Test User training, we have other courses in designing Assessment Centres, Competency Analysis, and more
  • Our Quintax qualifying and Quintax Conversion Programmes may be taken by those who want to use Quintax without acquring the BPS qualifications.  However, they form a modular part of our TUP training programme, so they can be 'topped up' later if desired for BPS certification purposes
  • Finally, if you want to find a specific course description, a listing of dates and prices, or our online booking form click on the purple panel to the right!


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