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BPS and Quintax Psychometric Training


Talent assessment and career management tools


Bespoke assessment and development solutions

What we do

Our products and training support clients wishing to make independent use of psychometric tools. We also provide direct assessment and consultancy services to clients where needed, for example by using our tools to facilitate their selection and development of people.


BPS and Quintax Psychometric Training

As Verified Assessors, we provide British Psychological Society verified training for the BPS qualifications in psychometric testing.  These include Assistant Test User (formerly ‘Test Administration’), Test User Ability (formerly ‘Level A’), and Test User Personality (formerly ‘Level B’) based on Quintax.   We also provide rapid training routes to Quintax qualification for non-BPS delegates who want to use Quintax.  And there are still other ways you can use Quintax!

See our Quintax support website for details of all our courses.

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Talent assessment and career management tools

Quintax is a highly regarded ‘Big 5’ questionnaire used for talent management and development in areas such as selection, learning and development, team development, and coaching.  It is also used  in career transition consulting, and is well liked by users and respondents for the personal insights and development tips it provides.  The Career Motivation Indicator (CMi) also provides helpful insights for people in career and development coaching, supplementing those provided by Quintax.

See our CMi Website for an opportunity to complete the questionnaire and receive a report.

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Bespoke assessment and development solutions

We provide direct assessment services using our own tools, together with consulting support and advice in the use of assessment and development centres.  This includes use of our Discovery range of exercises along with bespoke assessments and on-line tools developed to meet client needs.

Check out our Case Studies for illustrations of our work, or use our Contact Us page to open a discussion of your needs and how we can help support you.

Case Studies

What our clients say

I have used Quintax for several years in a developmental context with a wide variety of clients facing social disadvantage who are thinking of starting up in business. I find Quintax a great tool to work with as it complements a strengths-based approach in my coaching sessions.
Chartered Occupational Psychologist.
All the (..course) feedback was fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed the process!
Career coach working in career transition services in Ireland.
Would strongly recommend it (… the blended learning course).
Organisational development consultant based in Greece.
We have used Quintax more than 200 times in the past few years as a tool within the recruitment process for senior positions… The reports are very user friendly and easy to interpret, whilst suggesting potential areas for development.
HR Director in Hospitality Sector.
Helps candidates to make sense of feedback from the AC, accept observations of where they are now, and discuss their development going forward.
Recruitment Specialist
Certainly Quintax represents good value for money. Its beauty is its flexibility.
HR Director

Who we’ve worked with

Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself. We continue to shape our personality all our life. To know oneself, one should assert oneself.
— Albert Camus